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Team Works Figure and Bikini is an amazing group of women who compete in figure and bikini in the NPC/IFBB.

We compete together, not against each other! We help each other be the best that we can be and shine at each and every show we do… we work hard, follow directions in our pre contest plans and bring home trophies as a result! We know that with hard work and determination, any goal can be reached, and any show is anyone’s to win!

Founded by Jennifer Searles IFBB Figure Professional and 2x Olympia finalist, Team Works covers everything from how to pick the proper suit for the big day, to where to get your hair and makeup done for the show. We have posing and presentation training as well as CUSTOM diet and training plans designed to fit YOUR body for YOUR sport. Whether you are bikini, figure or physique, a hardgainer, or too much muscle, we will put you on the proper program that fits what you need to win. Every plan is customized. There is no cookie cutter with us.

We give you the formula, but YOU are expected to follow it! We will help keep you on your game when the going gets tough but the TRULY successful competitor or fitness enthusiast follows each detail of the given plan. YOU do the work, but we tell you exactly what you need to do. It’s that simple.

Becoming a member of Team Works is just an email away. Send us an email with your intent and a photo and we will see if you have what it takes….

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Email us today to find out!


What We Offer

Our philosophy at Team Works is NO COOKIE CUTTER PROGRAMS ALLOWED. We tailor programs to specifically fit YOUR body and YOUR goals. We define weaknesses and fix them. We identify strengths and accentuate them. We tell you what the judges want to see in the NPC/IFBB and help you achieve the exact look they want.

Everyone who is a Team Works Member receives the following:

  • Custom diet and training plan that is specific to YOUR body and goals
  • Bi-weekly or monthly “check-ins” with your coach to go over measurements and progress
  • Unlimited email access to your coach throughout the month
  • 2 phone consults/month 30 min each (if needed)
  • Full support with suit selection, tanning, makeup and hair resources and styling
  • Free posing seminars each month at our headquarters in NYC at The Works Studio
  • Gym access M-F 9-5p and Sat 7-3p
  • Team outings—just for fun
  • A community of beautiful, strong women to go on your competition journey with!

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Email us today to find out!


About Jennifer

Born in Massachusetts, Jennifer Searles is the owner of THE WORKS Personal Training and Competition Coaching, a full-service personal training and coaching service in NYC. She is also the founder of TEAM WORKS FIGURE and BIKINI TEAM, a team of gorgeous ladies competing in figure and bikini in the NPC and IFBB. She is a professional IFBB Figure competitor and has placed 9th in 2 consecutive Figure Olympias. She holds the title as the first ever Motor City Pro Figure Champion (2006) and competed in 5 total Olympia qualifiers placing in the top 2 in all but one.

After 2 very successful years on the IFBB Professional Figure circuit, Jennifer decided to focus on her business, and retire from competition. She continues to teach what she knows about the competitive stage to her students. She is a published fitness model and author as well as a speaker on health, wellness and competitive figure/bikini competition. Her photos and articles have been featured in magazines such as Oxygen, Musclemag, MetRx magazine, Axl, Bodyfitness, Bodytalk, and Vitamin World Magazine.

Her accomplishments include:

• Owner of Team Works Figure and Bikini, Co-Owner/Founder of the Team’s headquarters, The Works Studio

• 2x IFBB Figure Olympia Top 10 Finalist

• 1st ever IFBB Motor City Pro Figure Champion



• PNC Nutrition Specialist

• ISSA Pre/Post Natal

• Kettlebell 1 and 2 Certified

IFBB Career Highlights:

• 2006 IFBB Figure Olympia – 9th place

• 2006 IFBB Motor City Pro Figure Championships – Overall Champion

• 2006 IFBB New York Pro Figure – 2nd Place

• 2005 IFBB Figure Olympia – 9th place

• 2005 IFBB North American Pro Figure – 2nd place

• 2005 IFBB New York Pro Figure – 2nd place

Amateur Competition History:

• 2004 National Figure Championships – 1st place Figure E (Pro-Qualifier)

• 2004 Jr. Nationals – 3rd Place Figure C

• 2004 Jr. USA’s – 8th place Figure C

• 2003 National Figure Championship – 16th place Figure D

• 2003 Jr. Nationals Figure – 7th place

• 2003 Bev Francis Atlantic States Figure Tall Class and Overall Champion

• 2002 Women’s Extravaganza Figure – 4th place

• 2002 Women’s Extravaganza Fitness Tall Class and Overall Champion

• 2001 Fitness America Pageant Nationals – 18th out of 96

• 2001 Natural Eastern Classic Figure – 2nd place